For chiropractors at any stage, from students to established practitioners
You’re passionate, knowledgeable, and skilled at what you do- but is your business set up for long-term success?

My proven systems and protocols–covering everything from marketing and admin, to hiring and patient retention–can help engineer your business to support your goals- whatever they may be.

I focus on building sustainable success through:

  • implementing personalized, efficient operating procedures that accommodate and facilitate growth
  • smart marketing strategies to increase your reach and attract new patients
  • maintaining and managing a large patient base
  • building trust and fostering patient loyalty from the very first visit
  • fostering a patient’s understanding of their role in their own health and wellness

Let’s talk about your business goals and how I can help you reach them.


I’m interested. What’s Next?

  1. Schedule a 30 minute discovery call
  2. Complete a questionnaire to your establish goals
  3. We’ll set up your first assessment and planning session


“I’ve relied on Cate as a coach for over 10 years. She is such an amazing and grounded woman who has an unquenchable love of life and tons of integrity. What I like best about her is her certainty when it comes to how to run a vitalistic chiropractic office and her thought-provoking questions. She has always given me wonderful suggestions and I’m thankful to count on her as my coach and my friend.”

“I wanted to open a chiropractic office in Spain but I didn’t have the language skills or any understanding of how to run a business there so I needed to partner with someone who did. I’m so happy I found Cate. The best part was that she is such a do-er who really excels at breaking goals down into smaller action steps and to getting things done. This helped me move toward what I wanted to manifest. The second best part was that it was always incredibly fun to work with Cate. You are going to thank yourself for making the decision to work with her!”

“I have known Cate for several years and recently had the pleasure of working with her when I was Head of Clinic at Barcelona College of Chiropractic. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding the ins and outs of managing a chiropractic clinic. I still look to her from time to time for new ideas to implement in my own private practice. She was well-liked and respected by the students, they always gave really positive feedback about her classes.”