I love to inspire people through specially-designed creative events. From workshops on posture and exercises for brain health, to screenings, patient education, staff training and team building. I combine my passion and expertise with my skill at making information accessible and practical, in a cost-effective engaging atmosphere.


  • Screenings and Promotions (see World Spine Day video below)
  • Specialized wellness classes for chiropractic and health care offices: Each unique and entertaining 1 hour class includes an announcement poster you can personalize for marketing in your office as well as an exercise summary sheet to help participants recall and practice what they learned.
    Most popular options:
    -New Patient Pillars of Health
    -Brain Gym for Seniors or Children
    -Relaxation and Breathing
    -Nutrition and Keys to Better Communication
  • 1, 2 and 3 day team building and leadership training programs

Interested in creating a personalized event?

See how we celebrated World Spine Day in 2016!